Whole Life Insurance for Low-Income Families!

 Low-income families should not ignore the benefits of a whole life insurance policy. Since many households depend on one or two salaries, the death of a money earning spouse will have many negative financial consequences for the rest of the family. Death however unlikely it may seem now, it is always a Family in living room with laptop smilingpossibility and being prepared for the worst is the best thing you can do!

                The advantages of whole life insurance:

  1. Permanent coverage! You will always have life coverage so your family will be guaranteed a death benefit. You can keep the policy up until retirement without having to take anymore medical examinations and the premiums will remain fixed.
  2. It builds cash value! Whole life insurance comes with an account which builds cash value by deducting a part of your premiums. The invested amount generates interest at a fixed rate. After several years you can withdraw money from the policy’s account tax-free!
  3. You can borrow against the policy! Loans against your policy’s value come at a small interest rate and do not need to be repaid during the policy’s duration. The agency can take back the money you owned from your policy’s benefit.

How to find whole life insurance for low-income families?

Although not the cheapest type of coverage, a whole life insurance policy can become very affordable and profitable at the same time over the years. If you are on a tight budget, you should take a smaller coverage and then increase the policy’s value as your financial situation improves. Here are a few tips that will help you find cheaper permanent coverage:

  • Compare quotes! Comparing quotes from different companies will help you find the cheapest plan!
  • Discuss with an insurance agent! An insurance agent can offer you a lot of useful information and he or she will help you pick out a plan that is affordable and beneficial for your family!
  • Quit smoking! Smoking doubles or triples your life insurance rates! Quit smoking to reduce the costs of life coverage.
  • Keep it simple! Do not buy any additional features or riders that you do not need. Any extra feature costs you money and in the end you may not need them.

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