Protect Your Family With a Whole Life Insurance Policy!

It is impossible to foresee your own death, but if you pass away too soon and at an unexpected moment, you can easily imagine the negative consequences. If you are a breadwinner, your death will leave your loved ones without any financial support.

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingAlthough it is not possible to live forever, you can make sure that your family will be financially secure even after you pass away. By purchasing a whole life insurance policy, you provide a reliable financial safety net for your children and spouse.

What is whole life insurance?

Unlike term life insurance, this type of coverage is permanent. This means that you will be covered for as long as you live, provided of course, that you keep making regular premium payments. After you pass away, the policy will pay a death benefit to your family. The family members that receive the insurance payments are known as beneficiaries.

Besides providing coverage, whole life insurance also features a savings account. The policy redirects in this account a part of the money paid as premiums. After a waiting period of about five years, you can withdraw money from the policy’s account.

How can it help your family?

Since a whole life insurance policy pays a death benefit after you pass away, your family can use the money to support themselves. There is nothing obliging the beneficiaries to spend insurance proceedings on a specific thing. Your family can use the death benefit to cover:

  • Mortgage loans. Your family can use insurance proceedings to cover the remaining mortgage debt. This will allow your loved ones to keep the house.
  • Funeral expenses. A simple burial ceremony can cost 10,000. By having whole life insurance, you can make sure that your funeral taxes will always be covered!
  •  College costs. By having life coverage, you can provide the best education for your children.

In conclusion, life insurance is an important tool for protecting your family against unforeseen tragedies! Visit our website and find more about insurance and also, compare free online quotes from top agencies in the country!