No Medical Exam Life Insurance

It is possible to obtain no medical exam life insurance without taking any painful and stressful medical exam. It is not easy to find such an insurance company, but is clearly an opportunity for those that otherwise will not get any form of coverage.

People prefer this type of insurance because you can obtain it extremely fast. Regular policies, that require a medical exam, are processed in 2 or 3 weeks and the waiting can be a bit uncomfortable. This is not the case with a no exam insurance. It no medical exam life insuranceusually takes one day to fully process a request and give back an answer and this is really helpful if you are a very busy person and you cannot afford missing too much from the job.

Also, if you opt for this policy, you will reduce to minimum all required paperwork and bureaucratic formalities. Walking to many places for different papers and documents can also be avoided with the help of this policy.

Fortunately, there are companies that do not send you immediately for an appointment with the doctor. If you want life insurance without medical examination, it is enough to bring previous medical records and answer to some of their questions. Based on your answers and documents, the insurers will establish the price of premiums and the amount of coverage that they will provide.

We agree that there are some limitations related with terms and amount of coverage, but no company is willing to risk too much when it has no certain data about a customer. The premiums can be a bit higher, but the benefits will be the same: you and your family will be under financial protection as long the premiums are paid.

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