No Medical Exam Life Insurance Is The Fastest Way To Get Coverage!

People who need life insurance as fast as possible can purchase a no medical exam life insurance plan. Although some whole life insurance quotes may appear more advantageous, traditional plans require medical examinations and take weeks to issue.

searching life insurance at homeThe fastest way of getting life insurance is by applying for life insurance without medical examinations. It is possible to purchase a plan without having to visit doctors and take medical tests. This will save you a lot of time and it will make the whole process simpler.

By skipping medical examinations, you will be able to purchase life coverage in less than 24 hours. This is possible because of the simplified underwriting process. Normally, an agency would review your medical condition in detail. However, no medical exam life insurance plans will only check your medical history. Your current health condition cannot be properly and fully assessed. This is especially advantageous for seniors and people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Since the underwriting process is simplified, a policy can be issued faster. Just because the underwriting process is simpler, it doesn’t mean anyone can qualify for a plan. Your medical condition still plays an important part in determining rates as well as other things, like your age.

In order to purchase life insurance without medical examinations, you have to compare quotes. Comparing quotes can help you find cheaper plans. Since no medical exams life insurance has a simpler and more convenient application process, is it also more expensive.

After you find a plan that suits your financial needs, you will need to complete the application form. You will have to provide information about: age, weight, height, gender, lifestyle (whether you smoke/drink), marital status etc. A different section will deal strictly with your medical condition. You will be asked if you suffer from various terminal diseases.

Please note that people who are currently suffering of cancer or people infected with HIV will not be able to get life coverage. Some plans will also have age limitations.

When looking for a no medical exam life insurance plan, comparing quotes is very important. For the best life insurance quotes, visit our website!