Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance Expensive?

 No medical exam life insurance is considered to be very expensive in comparison with other policies.  Unfortunately, this is partially true. The premiums are way beyond the average price of the standard premiums. The reasons for this are quite simple and obvious and we will discuss them later.

family read newspaperStill, you must purchase no exam life insurance, since in many cases is the only viable option.  If you are concerned about its costs and how it will affect your budget, you should screen the market first and analyze all offers. The analysis must be done thoroughly and you must always compare price and granted benefits.

Buying a policy that asks for pricy premiums and provide limited amounts of coverage might not seem a good idea. But when you have no other options, what will you do? No-medical exam life insurance is not bought because it is the cheapest policy available, but because it is the only available policy.

Companies that sell traditional policies have numerous standards that are related to your BMI, age, health, job, medical history or credit history. If you do not meet the requirement, you application will be rejected. And if one company rejected you, you can be pretty sure that others will do the same, since almost all insurers operate with the same rules and principles.

So, unless you apply for no exam life insurance, you will remain uninsured.  Senior citizens and sick people apply for this kind of insurance.  Even if medical tests are not required, some medical questions will be asked and the answers will determine the risk category where a person is included.

No exam policies are diverse and provide protection for a predetermined amount of time or lifetime protection. If you are worried about the prices, you should scan the market and check for quotes. Recently, more and more insurance companies have begun selling this type of insurance and fierce competition has determined the prices to go a bit lower.

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