Life Insurance Without Medical Exam – Can Smokers Qualify?

Smoking is an unhealthy habit and it will increase the cost of a life insurance policy. However, smokers should be able to get life insurance without medical exam. Since smokers are in greater risk of developing health problems, having life insurance is essential.

Man-smoking-a-cigaretteIn this blog post, we will help smokers find appropriate coverage by providing useful information.

What is a smoker?

Defining a smoker from an agency’s point of view is important for understanding the effects your habit has on life insurance premiums. An agency considers everyone who has been smoking in the last 12 months a smoker. Regardless of how much and how often you smoke, chances are that you will get standard rates.

You will no longer be considered a smoker if you have stayed tobacco free for at least 12 months. Many people have wondered if they can lie on their application. In the case of a traditional plan, traces of nicotine can show up in your blood even after six months since your last cigarette.

Life insurance without medical exam may tempt people to lie on the application form. However, lying on your application is never a good idea because this entitles the agency to refuse to sell you insurance, or even worse, if you pass away, your beneficiaries may not be entitled to insurance proceedings.

How will smoking affect your life insurance rates?

Using tobacco products will increase the total cost of your life insurance policy. Smokers will always pay more for life coverage because they cannot get preferred rates, even if they are perfectly healthy. The best rates they get are standard rates, but if an applicant has health problems, the policy can cost even more.

Some smokers who have medical problems may want to purchase a no exam life insurance plan. These plans do not ask for complicate medical examinations and provide coverage in a simpler and faster way. In order to qualify for a plan, you have to complete a medical questionnaire.

As a smoker, you should compare as many quotes as possible. We do not sell life insurance, but we can help you find the best policies! Visit our website for more information!